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We are excited to be releasing several courses in 2025 for aspiring and current Florida real estate licensees, such as the 45-hour Post-Licensing Course, 63-hour Pre-Licensing Course, 14-hour Continuing Education Course, and the Exam Prep Course. Scroll down to register for our next Live Florida Sales Associate State Exam Cram.

We are proud to provide all self-led courses in audio format, in addition to traditional training methods. This type of training can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including increased accessibility for those with visual impairments, convenience for busy learners who can listen on the go, and the ability to provide a more engaging and personalized learning experience.

Live Exam Cram

 This course is designed for those that have taken or will be taking, the 63 Hour Pre-License Sales Associate course and preparing to take the state of Florida Real Estate exam.

Coming Soon...

Exam Prep Course

Instructor-led and self-guided Sales Associate Exam Prep course designed to provide students with the tools to pass the exam, the first time.

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