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Live Exam Cram

Don't get overwhelmed about taking the state test! Florida Pro Real Estate Academy offers the Sales Associate Exam Cram & prep materials that will fully prepare you to pass your exam and achieve your real estate license!

What Students Receive


Study Materials

Receive instant access to:

  •  Vocabulary guide

  • Summary guide

  • Study pack

  • Online study hangout access



Find out what to study, tips & tricks, the best ways to remember definitions, math problems with formula review with lifetime access to prep videos


Testing Strategy

Learn how to handle state exam trick questions and negatives. We'll teach you strategies on how to pick the right answer (even if you don't know the correct choice or options).


Lifetime Admission

To all future exam cram live sessions - Register today for the Exam Cram course and receive free admission to all future live exam cram sessions until you pass the state test!

VIP Facebook Group

Personal invite to a community that shares knowledge and advice, plus quizzes, tidbits of the day, tips and tricks, etc. 

Livestream: Attend from Anywhere​ 

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Study & Prep

Stop the worry, go into the exam with confidence! This 1-Day Florida Real Estate Exam Cram prepares students for the state exam. We all know that just thinking about the exam can be very stressful. This accelerated review of the prep material covers what you need to know to pass the state exam. Clear the distractions of unnecessary text and terminology, learn just what you need!

Join the Florida Real Estate Exam Cram Study Group. This group is dedicated to assisting you in dominating the Florida Real Estate Exam on the first try! As a group, we all work together as a solid unit to conquer the exam as a team. This is a dedicated fun zone where learning is exciting and best of all fun!

The class will be fun and self-paced. The instructors use several types of learning tools and techniques to help you remember everything you need to know to pass the state exam. Yes, some math is involved but we have tips & tricks and videos included in the course to help get through and be successful on the state exam.


"This is one of the best online courses I have ever attended. I took the state exam the next day and had so much confidence I aced it! Thanks, Florida Pro Staff."


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